July 7, 2006


An artist told me that she was bothered by 'consumer culture', and that was what she wanted to paint - the bother. What about consumer culture bothers you so much, I asked.

She paused. She began to explain but stopped several times. It occurred to us both that the bother was something not so well understood.

Articulation requires specificity.

Do the general terms by which we describe the world and its imperfections do enough to help us fully understand our discomfort?

That thing we want to say, are we sure it's really worth saying? Exactly what is so interesting about that message we want so badly to deliver?

Are we even clear about what the message is?


andrew said...

and isn't the art that is created just another consumable?

Tw said...

So often it seems we are inspired to act, or react, but the so much of what flows is just so vague.

I said to a friend, "why do you like that?" and he said, "because it's just so cool. Here, try it."

'No thanks," I said. "I'd rather learn it from you."