July 14, 2006

Perverse Excpetionalism

The theory that Bush's claim to respect the Geneva Conventions is completely meaningless, is proven no less then 24 hour later by the White House itself, pursuing congressional measures to make subverting the Geneva Conventions "legal," as an order of the legislature.

As the NYTimes says, "The court left it to Congress to decide what kind of trials to set up for detainees and what protections they should be granted in interrogations and handling before trial."

So it seems the strategy of the Bush legal team is to use all means necessary to delay accountability while they carry on their illegal actions (syn: crimes).

It's not me saying they're acting illegally, it's the highest courts declaring this administration so illegal.

It is completely perverse that the right to be exempt from the law is not really argued as a legitimate position by the American Exceptionalists in the White House now. It is fought for through the system of partisan legislation rather than principles of law based on a version of morality.

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