July 7, 2006

Another Drip

Tiny drops of horror. At what point do we decide we are just too wet, or that the constant drip is actually a problem?

Another story today of a man taken to a secret prison to be tortured by the CIA. Like so many others, he was released without charges after 16 months.

Why is this right?
Why is it OK?
Why does no one seem to care?

To care amounts to nothing much anyway. It's easy and required to care, but this is just a word, a claim, a descriptor of ourselves - I, Liberal.

Power lies in action. And what are the possibilities of action?

Suicide was all they could do in Guantanamo. With only limited control of their own bodies they denied their American torturers the final say so.

The prisoners of a CIA prison in Afghanistan used their memory to hold on to each others' phone numbers so they might stay in touch should they survive, or contact one another's families should they die. This is all they could do, to press their bodies into service to the cause of banding together whether on earth or in the afterlife.

What is it that we can do? And what is it that I, Liberal, actually does?

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