February 5, 2007

Good News Gal

If you're tired of living in a country that has so much wrong with it, change the channel. During the Superbowl, CBS ran a commercial for its nightly news with Katie Couric that promised us what the Bush Administration has been asking for, but unable to produce: good news.

"We hear a lot about what's wrong with America, but there are so many examples of America's can-do spirit. Good people doing great things, on CBS news."

So, feel good, America. We're one step closer to Stephen Colbert's satirical utopia. Forget the facts, it's the feeling that matters. Katie is your "half glass full" sort of news.

1 comment:

ATM said...

I had the same gut reaction when I saw that.

Forget about reality and especially forget about solving any of the problems reported in that bad news.