April 17, 2007

Blood Lust

I love Republicans. They are just so out of touch. And they're so in love with violent mayhem, death and destruction.

But seriously, you 2nd amendment lovers, you NRA members and the pols who love them, give it up, please. Your government is destroying your freedom and civil liberties, but you can't use guns to stop it. Put down your weapons, and take your heads out of your asses.

ps - Sorry to break it to y'all, but the NRA doesn't matter anymore. We American people don't like it when crazy men get guns to kill college kids.

pps - But what would you expect from the guy who invented the Surge? Can't wait to see the responses of the other Republican clowns.

1 comment:

serial# said...

looks like your logic is catching on. this is sameer dossani writing in foreign policy info. forum:

"While many, myself included, are quietly hoping that Wolfowitz finds away to stay on, thereby dampening the institution’s ability to engage in harmful lending practices until the end of his five-year term in 2010, this is also an opportunity to push the agenda of governance reform within the institution. If Wolfowitz does leave, it will be very hard for the United States to maintain such tight control over an institution that has essentially served as an arm of U.S. foreign policy."

see the rest at: http://clipmarks.com/clipmark/9019B8C4-B50C-46EE-89C2-669D0C0F1BC6/