August 3, 2006

Oscar-Winning Racist

Movie stars have screwed up and been arrested before, but Mel Gibson's bust is different. This is no run-of-the-mill celebrity gossip. We can forgive and forget the alcoholic, sexual, and angry improprieties of our icons as indications that they are just like the rest of us (drunk, horny, and pissed). But Gibson is not like us, and we don't want him to be. He hates Jews.

This used to be a debatable question, but now the matter is settled. He's neither the first, nor only anti-Semite, and he's certainly one of many who learned to hate from his dad. (… like these kids here.)

To Gibson, racism is the privilege of the Oscar-winning rich. After asking the arresting officer if he was a Jew, Gibson claimed he "owns Malibu", and vowed to "spend all his money to get even.”

In a ploy to prove some of his best friends are Jewish, Gibson planned to produce a Holocaust miniseries. But that was just a hollow sham: he didn’t want his own name publicly associated with the project, and then took two years to deliver a first draft of the script. ABC got off that train.

Since his first apology was a ham-fisted dud, what sort of cynical acts will Gibson use to buy our forgiveness this time? Disney plans to make serious gelt on Mel's next flick (slated for a Hanukkah release) so expect to see the heads of the Mouse House lining up to tell us what a mensch he is.

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